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    You need to supplement because it is no longer possible to get all the nutrition we need from the food we eat.

    In a recent article in a leading medical journal says that all adults should take a multivitamin, daily. This is true even if (note – even if) you already eat a diet rich in fresh, whole, natural foods, because foods can’t supply all the vitamins and minerals you need, at the recommended levels. In the event you loved this article and you would love to receive much more information regarding Learn Alot more Here assure visit our own web-page. And when you go to buy a supplement, buy the best quality you can.

    In North America we are certainly growing bigger, and fatter – but that is due to the quantity of food we eat, lack of exercise, and the amount of steroids and other drugs we absorb from the food chain.

    Now we are better educated than the bad old days – so we do have better food than say 100 years ago – in the cities, anyway. Don’t forget in the ‘good old days’ in European and American white history, people lived short lives because there was disease and bad nutrition. There was Scurvy and Rickets and Diabetes and Beri Beri and Gout and every type of heart ailment – all caused directly or indirectly by lack of nutrition.

    In fact it is only very recently that Nutrition has become a Health Item, or even been taught in the medical facilities of the West.Think of this -a 45 to 50 year old Doctor has probably never received any nutrition training in all their years of ‘medicine’. Even now many doctors say if you just’ eat right’ there is no need for supplements.

    Well in a perfect world this would be true. The trick is – how do you ‘eat right’? Almost all our food is factory grown, factory farms, and factory bred animals, with huge lakes of factory animal produced fertiliser leaking into our ground water. The soil had been depleted in almost all of the Western World, and most of the rest of the planet, and thanks to the nature of Global Commerce, even Antarctica has pesticides in its remaining ice sheets.

    We get our nutrition from the soil – either through the plants we eat, or from the animals that eat those plants. But if the soil is mostly depleted of natural nutrition, and the animal food we eat never sees the outside world, and lives on chemicals – how much nutrition do we really receive?

    A chemical produced in a lab is not nutrition. Our bodies cannot absorb it. It is possibly fine for medicine, not for food.

    When I was younger I thought the mere act of buying a vitamin and taking it home was a major health step. Later I even swallowed some of them. Very carefully, in case, well you never know.

    As time went by I did more research and met people in and out of the Health (and what would become) the Wellness Field. Now don’t forget in terms of ‘medicine’ supplements were a joke until very recently. The average GP had little or no knowledge of vitamins and minerals. They were not taught. And though there may not be a lot vitamins absorbed fully by our bodies, there are a lot of vitamins in on our sewage systems. One researcher from Canada Health had a great lecture where he showed store bought vitamins in a jar, and they looked pristine. “Yes” he said ” these do look good – but these are ‘used’, they have been through the body.” The ‘coating’ was such (quite often sugar and starch) that the body couldn’t break it down – and they went in and out of the body – the same.

    (I had a question of course, we all did – how did he get these ‘used’ vitamins?).

    Thus the concern with the sewage systems and all these used/unused vitamins decaying there. (think estrogen and fish)

    Then I saw a study of how much say – Vitamin C – was left in a tablet, after its packaging and shelving and storing and then you getting it home. And what was left may have trace Vitamin C, but maybe not. And then there was the unasked question there may be a chemically made Vitamin C in there – but could the body absorb it?

    After a lot of study and questions and research I discovered that:

    a) for even average health, you must supplement.
    b) not all supplements are equal, even on the Internet!. A supplement is nutrition for the body, essential nutrition. So it must be as close to food as possible. If you are going to buy Supplements – and you should buy quality. Sealed light proof packaging, and vitamins and minerals culled from food sources – not chemically made in a lab. To be honest a lot of supplements and vitamins by the time you get then to your system are starch and sugar.

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