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    An electronic USB token includes a Digital Signature Certificate that allows the user to encrypt or sign an electronic document digitally.

    It includes a certificate containing the user’s detail information and the details of certificate provider. It provides security in the transmission of classified documents over an unsecured network.

    The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is categorized into three classes on the basis of usage i.e.

    named as Class 2, Class 3 and DGFT DSC. In this article, the most secured and popularly used DSC is elaborated with its usage. It is the Class 3 DSC which used in many departments in India. Some of the Usages of Class 3 DSC are as follows.

    1. E-Tendering:

    Class 3 DSC is mainly used in the most confidential and highly secured transaction. And E-tendering is one of the highly secured transaction process in corporate sector in India.

    There are lots of tendering departments in India who have started e-tendering facility. In earlier days, it was performed manually using paper documents but now, it has been taken over by the computer and internet.

    2. E-bidding:

    To participate in an e-bidding for any products or services by government or private organization, the highest security level DSC is used.

    3. E-auction:

    Class 3 DSC is utilized while participating in the electronic auction.

    4. E-ticketing:

    A DSC is used to make an agent login into the IRCTC website for railway tickets booking for several passengers. Class 3-A DSC (Signing only) is issued to the IRCTC agents.

    5. E-procurement:

    Under e-procurement services, different kind of products and services are procured online over the internet. It involves purchasing and sales of different kind of products from company to company, company to consumer and government to a company or vice versa.

    To make a secure e-procurement, a class 3 DSC is used.

    If you have any type of questions concerning where and the best ways to make use of Mobile financial Services, you could contact us at the web-site. 6. Patent, design and Trademark e-filing:

    Any kind of Logo, Motto, Design, Invention, Contact Information, Reports and Proposals are protected by CGPDT to use by public for business purpose. E-filing for patent, designing and trademark registration is performed by Class 3-AB DSC signing only.

    7. IPO:

    IPO refers to initial public offering i.e. a company sells their first sale of stock to the public, it is called as IPO.

    8. Copyright:

    Copyright Office is responsible to protect the original content, film, publish, art and musical material from plagiarism.

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