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    While this is a possible scenario, it may not actually be the best option. If you want a fast and efficient recovery you should consider contacting a debt collector instead of pursuing legal action.

    5 Reasons to Hire a Debt Collection Company Instead of Taking a Customer to Small Claims Court:


    Taking a client to court can take months.
    Most companies do not consider how long a court case can take. The company must first file the case and the individual must be summonsed. Once summonsed the consumer is given time to find a lawyer who can push back the date of the case.
    This process can go on for months, while the company or individual has not received one penny of what they are owed. An experienced debt collection company will be able to collect a debt without these lengthy setbacks. In many cases, a skilled collector will be able to recover an account much faster than when taking a client to court.


    A case in small claims court can go horribly wrong.
    Once sued, an individual may decide to counter-sue, which will further complicate the situation. If you cherished this information and you would want to get more information regarding click through the next article i implore you to check out the internet site. The defendant may even accuse the company or individual of committing perjury, in order to collect payment for a debt that a consumer claims not to owe.
    Fortunately, when contacting a collection agency, you cannot be held liable for any misdoings when collecting the debt. This helps you recover funds, while protecting yourself from legal action.

    3. Hiring a debt collector is a hassle free alternative.
    When hiring a debt collector, you can just sit back and let the agency do their job.

    They will not need to worry about contacting the client or retrieving missed payments. The collector will do all of the work, while you can continue to do your business as usual. This makes this option much less work, when compared to taking a client to small claims court.

    Some collection companies do not charge upfront fees to recover an account.
    A national collection agency such as RPS Worldwide will not ask for an upfront payment. These companies receive payment when the debt is recovered. If the debt is never recovered, you will not be required to pay for their service.

    This is a win-win situation and makes using a collection agency a much less expensive option than pursuing the matter in court. When pursing a customer in court, a company must be prepared to pay court costs, lawyer fees, and may pay even more if the client decides to counter-sue.

    A debt collector is a professional trained in recovering debt.
    Even if a company takes a client to small claims court, they will not necessarily receive payment for a delinquent bill. If a customer hires a good lawyer, the lawyer will ask that the company provide documentation and proof of the debt.

    Even if these documents are presented, a good lawyer may win the case for their client. Judges are not trained in debt collection, fortunately, professionals working at collection agencies are. Instead of a small claims trial, where you may still need a debt collection agency in the end, the perfect alternative is to simply contact a debt collection agency from the beginning and save the time, hassle, money, and possible further legal ramifications involves with a small claims trial.

    An experienced national debt collection company like RPS Worldwide is the fastest and most efficient way to recover delinquent debts.

    Instead of filing a small claims case, RPS Worldwide works with legal professionals all over the world to collect payment from even the most hard to reach consumers. While filing a small claims case may be a viable option, many people soon realize that this is not a very efficient option, especially when compared to the results that a skilled collection agency will produce.

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