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    <b><p>Orthopedics is a field in medicine that</b>
    focuses on diagnosis, treatment, and management of musculoskeletal
    problems. Doctors who specialize in this field of medicine are called
    <b>orthopedic specialists</b> or orthopedists.
    <p>It’s not always about surgery.</p>
    <p>Orthopedists are usually imagined
    performing surgery to people with injuries and disorders of the
    bones, joints, muscles, or tendons. But the truth is they do more
    than performing surgery. In fact, they help patients in different
    ways other than surgery, which is usually one of the last resorts.
    Orthopedists provide other types of treatment options involving
    medications and physical therapy. About half of management and
    treatment options are non-surgical.
    <p>Orthopedic surgeons don’t work alone.</p>
    <p>Orthopedists work with other doctors
    and health care professionals in providing comprehensive care to
    patients. Other physicians may consult orthopedic surgeons, which
    play a crucial role in delivering emergency care to patients.
    <b>Orthopedic specialists</b> play an essential role in medical
    <p>The field of orthopedics is broad.</p>
    <p>Orthopedics is a broad field on its
    own. General orthopedists deal with a wide range of disorders and
    conditions. Patients go to orthopedists when they have a fracture,
    torn ligament, dislocation, pulled muscles, or ruptured disc. Less
    serious conditions like back pain, sciatica, and scoliosis are also
    brought to the awareness of an orthopedic specialist.
    <p>Research is important in the field of
    <p>All fields of medicine go through
    advancement propelled by research. Recent advancements in orthopedics
    have improved surgical management of various conditions. One of the
    recent developments is the development of prosthesis for joint
    replacement. Another advancement is the use of optical devices
    inserted through tissue to assist in surgical operations.
    Arthroscopy, for instance, has changed the way specialists do
    <p>Orthopedic surgeons may specialize in
    particular sub-specialties.</p>
    <p>Many orthopedists deal with specific
    areas of the body, like the spine, hip, hand, knee, or foot. Others
    deal with particular conditions, like arthritis. About 4 in ten
    orthopedic surgeons are general surgeons, and then another 4 would
    practice general and specialty orthopedics at the same time. On the
    other hand, about 2 in ten are considered specialists in the field.
    When you have virtually any concerns concerning wherever as well as the best way to employ Orthopaedic Surgeons in Kamloops, you can email us from the web site. The misconception is that a specialist can treat only disorders in
    their confined field, but they may treat a wide range of
    musculoskeletal conditions.</p>
    <p>The term orthopedics comes from Greek
    words “ortho” (straight) and “pais” (child).
    <p>Back in the early days of orthopedics,
    the patients were often children with spine or limb deformities. Time
    went by to include many bone and joint disorders in the list of
    conditions that can be treated and managed through orthopedics.
    Today, orthopedics is a medical field that involves treatment and
    management of neuromuscular problems as well, so people with muscular
    dystrophy or cerebral palsy can go to their orthopedists.
    <p>Becoming an orthopedic specialist isn’t
    <p>The competition between aspiring
    orthopedic surgeons is tough. Every year 650 residency positions are
    available in 170 accredited programs. These residency positions are
    taken by medical school graduates, most of whom have finished full
    orthopedic rotation in accredited medical schools. Back in the day,
    the orthopedic schools were dominated by men, but the number of women
    entering the field of orthopedics has been increasing.
    <p>Medical students are encouraged to have
    research experience. Clinical rotations are also part of the
    training. Graduates of orthopedics may choose to go to one year of
    sub-specialty course.</p>

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