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    Small disputes in Singapore are primarily handled through mediation in a small claims court.
    These disputes vary depending on the people concerned. Common disputes such as salaries and wages, alimony and land cases are best handled in big courts such as the high court. When you face small disputes such as debts and consumer claims, the best court to handle the matter is a small claims tribunal Singapore.

    The best thing about handling cases in a small claim tribunal is the fact that the process involved is fast and affordable. You do not need an attorney as you have the right to represent yourself. It is therefore important to prepare your case well. As the plaintiff have the burden of proof and you need to show that you have suffered monetary loss and that the defendant is liable.

    Take advantage of the assistance the tribunal staff will offer you during the procedural preparations. There are also pamphlets available to assist you with all the questions that you may have concerning the entire process.

    Actually depending on which company you use for the debt collection process they should assist you with all the information you need to win the case.

    Remember that the defendant is prepared to make you lose the case so preparation in vital. A good debt collection firm has a team of lawyers that they work with so that before you go before the small claims tribunal they will prepare you on the best way to present your case to have a higher chance of winning it.

    Go for a company that does not charge you upfront fees. Only pay after you have recovered your money.

    When you decide to file a claim in a small claim tribunal court Singapore, make sure that you follow due process and submit all the forms that are required. The defendant will be given an opportunity to respond and present himself in front of court to either accept or deny the charges.

    You want the defendant to accept the claim. If you beloved this short article and you would like to acquire additional data with regards to personal injury lawyers of Edmonton kindly go to our website. Make sure that the evidence that you have is proof enough to allow him or her to accept the claim. There are times when the defendant ignores the claim, you can apply for judgment at the tribunal and show that the defendant was served with the claim and he ignored it.

    Remember that it is your burden as the plaintiff to collect your compensation.

    There are cases where the defendant may deny the claim in a small claims tribunal. When this happens, the mediation process will be allowed. The registrar and the referee will offer mediation when both parties disagree about the claim.

    The best thing about mediation is the fact that you are both allowed to present your side of the story.

    You will also be able to communicate with the officials and allow them to identify the issues involved and come up with a solution. In most cases, the plaintiff will be able to collect his money and the defendant will be able to go home without a record.

    This means that they both have an advantage when settling their dispute this way.

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