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    As an
    indication of how widespread the problem of abuse has
    become, one need only to look at the New York City Police
    Department’s recent initiative this past spring to begin testing
    all of its police officers for steroid use. For such a historic and
    venerable social institution to recognize the issue as a pressing
    one, there must be an underlying problem that has only recently been
    brought to the public’s attention.

    In fact, within the population of police
    officers that are also steroid abusers, many appear to be in some way
    implicated in the importation of such substances in illegal circles.
    In fact the former executive director of the Kentucky Chiefs of
    Police Association., Larry Gaines, has said that “I think it’s a
    larger problem than people think.” One of the glaring problems
    with police officers using anabolic steroid substances is obviously
    the skyrocketing feelings of aggression and rage that often accompany
    the drugs. This is caused, in large part, by the massive dumping
    process of testosterone into the bloodstream of regular users. The
    hormone is naturally found in men with varying intensities. However,
    an overrepresentation of testosterone in the body is very difficult
    for the body to regulate and can cause severe mood swings and acts of
    aggression. Unfortunately, many police departments across the
    country end up trying to fight the problem in a futile manner or
    simply ignore the issue hoping it will solve itself. In the
    meantime, the lives of countless police officers as well as citizens
    on the street are in jeopardy. If you have any type of inquiries pertaining to where and how you can make use of Buy Steroids Canada, you could contact us at the web-page. When taxpayers contribute their hard
    earned money to pay the salaries of those in power, we expect they
    will behave responsibly and without irrational motives. When police
    officers use illegal anabolic steroids to look more muscular, their
    actions break this unspoken social contract with the public. Another
    problematic aspect of the problem arises when we acknowledge that
    police officers, like other civil servants such as fire fighters and
    search and rescue squads, are also required to be in decent physical
    shape. While they are by no means required to look like
    bodybuilders, there is nonetheless a standard of health and fitness
    that must be maintained in order to complete the duties asked of
    police officers. Anabolic steroids are in no way necessary to the
    pursuit and maintenance of such a physique, however, this obligation
    to the public is often used as a guise to excuse police officers from
    becoming steroid abusers. It is unfortunate that such a reasonable
    and necessary mandate that police officers maintain an attainable
    level of fitness is often perverted into an accusation of public
    pressure. There has also been much discussion of steroids’
    psychological effects in recent years throughout the media and
    public. In fact, some police officers have claimed that feelings of
    self-confidence and invincibility that are sometimes brought on by
    anabolic steroid abuse are actually needed to complete their jobs
    successfully. Others cited stamina and endurance as key traits that
    are available to them through illegal drug use.

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