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    This may not be your guide to score 7+ in the IELTS test but if you want to improve your writing skills in a way that examiner cannot find a single flaw at all; this is the article for you.

    Why is IELTS writing quite difficult?

    IELTS test comprises of 4 major modules which are- listening, reading, writing and speaking. The overall score is calculated by adding scores of each and every module and then dividing them by 4. Most of the students face difficulty in writing test; therefore, we are going to share what examiners look for in IELTS writing.

    IELTS Writing Evaluation Criteria

    If you are being told about how IELTS writing band score is calculated, you can avoid making many mistakes. The IELTS writing scores are calculated on the basis of 4 major criteria’s, which are:-

    Task Response: – This criterion measures how well you are able to answer a question. To score well in your IELTS writing test, the only way is to satisfy all the requirements as stated in the question of the task and answer a fully developed response.

    Students must pay attention to what is being asked in the question and answer it accordingly. It is necessary to present, illustrate and highlight the key features of your answer appropriately.

    Coherence and Cohesion: – Coherence and Cohesion are the measure of how well your writing is able to link together.
    To make sure that the examiner finds no flaws in you, it is crucial for you to write your essay in a manner that it satisfies examiner. You should clearly portray your ideas in a logical manner so that it looks well connected. You must present information and make sure you add everything into the content in the given time.

    You will fail to score good marks if you fail to communicate any message.

    Lexical Resource: – Lexical score measures the flow of vocabulary in a natural and sophisticated way to avoid any forms of error. You can use the synonyms of the word to avoid the repetition. The common mistake that students make while writing is repeating the same vocabulary throughout the essay.
    The simplest thing you could do to avoid this mistake is to read your essay. This way you will get to know if you are using the same words. Collocation is a crucial concept and needs to be used in IELTS writing. Collocation means that you need to get your word combination correct.

    If you are learning vocabulary, you must learn the right word combinations. Do you best about not committing any spelling mistakes and avoid informal words or language while writing as it can deduce your scoring option?

    Grammatical range and Accuracy: – Grammatical range and accuracy measure the sentence structure, tenses, grammar control and a number of mistakes you make in your IELTS writing.
    Should you have almost any queries relating to where and how to work with Improve IELTS Exam, you’ll be able to e mail us with our own web page. They must also use the right word instead of adjective noun/verb/adverb. Make right use of the punctuation. Try avoiding omitting any mistakes as it down grade IELTS writing score. To avoid making mistakes you can make use of simple grammar instead of complex grammar.

    Examiners are looking for how much error free sentences you make in your writing. Let us say for an example, if you aim for score 7 or higher, then you must write error free sentences.

    Breaking Down the Score Calculation

    The IELTS writing scores are calculated by adding the sums of marks scored in each criterion. Let us take an example if you have scored following points in all the four criteria’s, then:-

    Grammar- 7

    Vocabulary- 7

    Task Response- 6

    Coherence- 4

    The scores obtained in IELTS writing equals- 7+7+6+4=244=6.

    You need to focus on all the modules individually while you write in IELTS writing. If you are aiming for score 7 or higher, then you must score well in your IELTS writing test as well as in all the tests.

    Tips to Ace IELTS Writing

    Understand task: – The very first step to ace IELTS writing is to understand the task and the question asked first.
    Spend some good amount of time in understanding what is being asked in the question but beware not to run out of time by doing so. Before you start writing, spend the time to channelize the ideas and then implement them. Since it is a time-based test, therefore, do not spend much time in reading the question

    Manage time: – Learn to manage your time as it plays a vital role in IELTS writing test.

    Since IELTS is a time-based test; the primary rule to do good in IELTS writing test is to manage time effectively. You can practice managing time beforehand to learn the nuances of time management.

    Practice: – Writing is the most important part of the IELTS examination. Even if you are not good in writing, you can practice writing way before the test, so that you can gain acquaintance with the writing and how to write.

    It is also recommendable to know the tips and tricks that can help you make your writing process easier.

    Get help: – If you are preparing for IELTS test, it will be wise to join an institution where you can get the desired help. The professionals of an educational institution would help you learn the nuances of the IELTS test and score well.

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