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    Whenever we purchase something from the perfume stores, the sales rep never forgets to slip some perfume samples and testers in your bag.

    Similarly, online perfume stores also provide testers and samples to people who buy products of a certain value. All these stores often provide opportunity for one to buy these perfume testers as well. But very few perfume users are able to appreciate the true worth of the perfume samples while the rest of us simply throw them away or forget all about them after receiving them.

    If you are also habitual of doing this, here are some reasons why you should get your hands on some right away:

    Try The Scents Before Buying:

    Fragrance samples are a great way to try out expensive perfumes before buying them. Even if luxury perfumes are super popular and expensive, this does not mean that they are best.
    You might not like the super expensive luxury perfume entire world is going crazy about. So, instead of blindly following the world and buying the perfume after spending a horrendously large sum of money, you should try them first. Grab testers, spray on you, test their scent, dry out, sillage, longevity and how they smell after the top and middle notes evaporate on you.

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    Use As Wardrobe Freshener:

    If you have several online perfume testers lying around, why not put them on a good use for making your wardrobe smell good.

    Jut throw in the tester bottle or tube in the cupboard and let it do its job. In case the tester comes in a vial without any spray, you can also stuff a cotton ball at the mouth of the vial to allow slow evaporation of the perfume in the wardrobe. This will help in preventing mossy stale smell which often occurs during monsoon season, winter season or when you leave the house for a long time.

    Keep Your Shoes Smelling Great:

    Take any good-smelling online perfume sample that you have to spare and put it in the shoe closet. This will help in preventing any weird smell to arise in your shoe closet. Especially if you have leather footwear or suede footwear, they can develop an unpleasant odour which you can prevent it with these samples.
    If your shoes stink, just put a cotton ball doused in perfume or an empty tester vial in the show to get rid of the smell.

    Perfect For Travellers:

    Another fabulous way to use the perfume samples is to take them with you on holiday.

    These small bottles of perfume or vials are very handy helping you to smell fabulous even on your holiday trip. There is no need to be worried about the airport or security restrictions or breaking the bottle on your travel with these testers.

    Your On The Go Perfume:

    If you have any parties to go to or any date after office or a long day at work, these small tester perfumes can come in handy for you.

    You can simply keep them in your pocket or purse and use it whenever you feel the need. It can also be used on days when you have to step out for the whole day and smell good too.

    Several brands are providing these online in India so just grab it and use them to your benefits.
    You can also get them for free on large purchases done online on stores. So, next time before throwing them away or forgetting all about them, you should start hoarding them to be used on such occasions.

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