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    Do you have enough fire to break a leg or two?
    Well, hockey’s not wrestling after all, although it’s quite a sport to train for. If you have any concerns concerning where and exactly how to utilize US Hockey Markets, you could call us at the site. There are several pointers that need to be considered if you have big dreams of playing for the Hockey Legaue India one day. But first, you might want to enrol yourself in a local hockey team and start off with some serious practicing immediately.

    Here’s how to be the best field hockey player that every hockey team would want to flaunt, be it on a zonal level or a full-blown international tournament in a whole other country. Here’s how to make your dream about getting through the Indian Hockey Team come true:

    Bend your knees and get as close to the ground as you can.
    This practice will enable you to better manoeuvre the ball with accuracy and will prevent you from reverting back to the hit and trial methods of your childhood.

    Also, this position will keep your stick from rolling over the ball leading you to miss the shot.

    Practice your sprinting while improving your endurance.
    This may require you to work your muscles at a gym before hitting the field for a game of hockey.
    And every time you feel like skipping this essential step in your training, remember your dreams about joining the Hockey League India.

    Push, but don’t hit.
    Know that it’s not a jungle out there.

    You have to be extra-careful about your actions on the field as a slight lift of your arm can lead to the ball being snatched away from you while it also may lead up to a penalty. So be fully conscious during the game.

    Make quick movements with your feet.
    Your feet should always be busy while you’re in the field playing a game of hockey.
    Remember not to step on the ball though. Practice moving your feet appropriately by arranging a track of wheel tyres and touching the ground exposed right in the middle of each tyre with a quick reflex .It will help you better control your movements with your feet.

    Use the space on the sides to your advantage.
    Boundaries clearly demarcate the ground to play in. But as risky as it may sound, it’s always better to play along the side-lines as it’s the least-crowded area on the field so you have a good chance of taking the ball forward.

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