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    Located at the southern tip of Portugal is the town of Faro.
    To visit this beautiful town, you can alight at the Faro International Airport. From here you can pay for a car rental in Faro in order to roam around the town’s lovely tourist spots.

    A great thing about Faro is its temperate weather. It has a comfy Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mildly cold winters.

    The best time to visit Faro is from June to September. During these months you won’t have to deal with rain ruining your trip.

    One of its most famous attractions is the nearby Rio Formosa Lagoon, which is easily reachable if you rent a car in Faro during your visit there.
    The said Lagoon served as the life source of then-Ossonoba, which was the forerunner of the town of Faro. Rio Formosa, which occupies a space of 170 square kilometers, boasts of a Nature Park which attracts millions of tourists each year. Rio Formosa also serves as the perfect place for birdwatchers, as it is the crossroads of birds migrating throughout Europe.

    Here, an estimated 30,000 bird species pass by every day. Apart from its tourism use, Rio Formosa also serves as the hub for seafood farming and grooved carpet shell harvesting.

    The Faro Beach also attracts throngs of visitors every year. Also known as Faro-Mar or Ilha de Faro, this beach is near the airport.
    Accommodations, restaurants and bars litter the coastline, making it one of the liveliest places in the town.

    As for events, the Faro International Motorcycle Rally is Faro’s most famous festival. During this annual event, motorcyclists from all over Europe converge at the town for a day of partying and acquainting with fellow bikers.

    To visit this festival, you can look for a reputable Faro car hire company to chauffeur you to the Vale del Almas, the location of the annual festivity.

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