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    In the world of imagination, doors have always played an important role. A door took Alice to Wonderland, Doraemon’s Anywhere Door has the ability to take him anywhere on the planet, a wardrobe door took Lucy to Narnia, the Room of Doors in the Department of Mysteries played an important role in Harry Potter franchise and there are numerous other examples. And this only stresses the importance of doors, not just for imagination but for real life as well.

    As far as kitchen design is concerned, vanity cabinets play an important role, both in terms of looks and utility. White shaker cabinets are one such popular example. And an important aspect of these shaker cabinets is the door. Naturally, doors are what are visible to the naked eye and carry the look of your kitchen shaker cabinetry.

    Here are 3 different types of doors for your shaker-style cabinetry:

    The regular Shaker Door design: These are the most opted-for designs of shaker cabinets. Shaker style kitchen cabinet doors are of a basic clean design. The outer frame is raised by an inch or two at a 90-degree angle to the inner door panel. The outer broader frame adds to the strength of the outer perimeter of the door.
    These doors are less expensive and match many styles. Opt for a set of white shaker cabinetswith a regular shaker door design and give your kitchen a contemporary feel.

    Glass insert shaker door design: Glass insert shaker doors have a shaker door design where the inner door panel is made up of glass. This allows a glimpse into the contents of the cabinet and provides for a more airy feel. Opting for glass-style shaker doors allow you to use lights inside the cabinets which add a whole new look to your overall kitchen decor.
    Choose the glass doors for your white kitchen cabinets to give your kitchen a traditional or vintage appeal.

    Single or double arch shaker door design: While a single arch includes an inner panel design that incorporates a grooved rectangle with a single arch at the top, a double arch has one arch at the top and another at the bottom. This curved design is more inclined to give your cabinets a heavy vintage look. A good way to opt for these without giving your kitchen a heavy look is to opt for white shaker cabinets. The white color balances the heavy nature by giving your kitchen an open feel.
    Additional: Another modern style of door design is the slab style. Although this does not incorporate the shaker style, it gives a sober minimal appearance. A slab-style cabinet door is basically a single piece of wood that is unembellished and ungrooved. If you have any inquiries relating to in which and how to use cheap cabinets direct, you can get in touch with us at our own web site. These go perfectly well with a contemporary kitchen design and are easier to clean.

    Nowadays, the availability of RTA cabinets has made it even easier to utilize your kitchen in an effective manner. The ready-to-assemble nature allows them to be customized according to the space available. Moreover, their low-cost, high durability and space-efficiency make opting for them even more fruitful.

    Keeping the 3 types of doors in mind will not only help you give your white shaker cabinets a perfect personalized look but will also add to your overall kitchen decor.

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