Changes That Some of The Field Hockey Goalie Equipment Have Undergone in Years

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    Those who have been hockey fans for a long time know that there have been big changes in the game in the last few decades.
    There are modifications in the equipment used by the field hockey players. Some of the equipment that underwent changes may not have been noticed since the changes weren’t extreme. However additions of some equipment have been too obvious to overlook. For instance in early days the goaltenders had nothing to protect their face.

    Things have come a long way with the goaltenders using masks or helmets and these being further modified in the last few years.

    Why not take a look at the big changes that occurred especially in the equipment for goaltending?

    Changes in field hockey equipment for the goalie that took place in the last few years

    The materials: There have been a lot of differences in the types of equipment for goaltending.

    There are some new materials and technologies incorporated in manufacturing. The pads in the early days were only made from leather and had hair as stuffing material. Pads always needed to be light to provide flexibility to the goalie though within a reason. These days the pads have better balance since they are made of nylon and synthetic leather.
    These are now stuffed with plastic and cell foams.

    This isn’t the only equipment that has gone through modifications. The sticks too are made with fibreglass and synthetic materials these days. These have foam inside so that the burden is less on the arm of a goalie.

    There are composite sticks that are durable and these are used more these days.

    Masks for protecting the face: Masks are crucial for a goalie in a match with higher chances of injuries like the field hockey. In fact the mask very much defines the goalie in the game.
    As said before, there was a time when masks weren’t used and now these are mandatory. Apart from being standard equipment for the sport they have also undergone a lot of changes. The 70-80s time saw the metal for protecting face with eye holes being replaced with a style like helmet.

    The face was caged in this. The 90s era brought back the full mask model again. However, some goalies still prefer the 80s cage style helmet model.

    Sizes of certain equipment: If one follows the sport he will easily find out that the sizes of some equipment have been altered.
    The recent changes have been after the 2005 lockout and strike, when the sizes have varied. These have now become as strict as rules and goalies now follow while buying pads that are required to be of certain width and length. This is mostly with the aim of promoting the athleticism of the player.

    If you loved this post and also you would like to receive guidance relating to NHL Agency kindly go to the webpage. It can be said though the essence of the game remains the same, the field hockey goalie equipment have changed a lot in the last few decades. It seems that the evolution is still on and soon some of the gears and other equipment will have a further modified look.
    This is very much evident.

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