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    Celebrate an upcoming birthday or special celebration with America’s most popular family, The Simpsons.
    Additionally, most people know that the Simpsons have been a popular entertainment family for the past twenty years and their popularity may have them entertaining others for the next twenty years.

    The Simpsons Party Invitations.
    Make homemade Simpsons invitations by using a variety of construction paper, card stock and Simpsons images.

    Write the party information in a clear area along with a fun greeting such as Come Party With The Simpsons, The Simpsons & (insert name) Invite You To The Coolest Party Ever etc. To make sure the letters and pictures are placed correctly print out one of the invitations and look it over before completing the rest of the invitations.

    Awesome Simpsons Party Supplies and Decorations
    Tableware for a Simpsons party should use the colors red, blue and yellow on the cups, paper plates and other party supplies.

    A Simpsons banner can easily be made by printing out the letters to create Springfield. Cut out the letter from white paper and punch holes in the corners of each of the letters. String the letters together by placing ribbons or strings through the holes and hang in the desired area.

    Most people remember the beginning scenes of the cartoons where Bart is writing on the blackboard as the show opens.

    Take several sheets of place poster board or black construction paper and tape together. Use white chalk, write one of Bart’s lines from the show or use this to welcome guests.

    Hang various Springfield signs around the party area such as Moe’s Tavern, B.S.
    Bank of Springfield, Buzzing Sign Diner, Barney’s Bowlarama, Kwik-E-Mart, Leftorium, Android’s Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop and many more. To create the signs, cut out the letters from construction paper in the same colors used in the show. Finally, the letters should be pasted or glued on the background and hung in assorted locations throughout the party area.

    Additionally, other items can be added to give the party a true Simpson home look by placing Maggie’s pacifiers in clear containers and placing them around the room.

    Use red/orange pacifiers, place in a jar, and add a picture of Maggie on the side of the jars with a decorative ribbon around the jar opening.

    Here is more info on simpsonize me have a look at the website. Exciting Simpson Party Foods and Drinks
    *For the adults, replace the labels of the beer with Duff beer labels
    *Serve pink glazed donuts
    *Cook up some tasty Krusty burgers
    *Captain Horatio McCallister Shrimp Feast (serve kinds of shrimps)
    *In honor of Apu, serve Indian food
    *Squishees (slushies) avoid all-syrup Squishees or else people may join the Junior Campers by accident

    The Simpsons are cultural icons and throwing a Simpsons theme party for the ultimate fan will ensure that the special boy or girl has the best party ever.

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