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    Internet sites, antique stores, or even yard or garage sales can be a gold mine for those who are interested in antiques and collectables.
    For those with an interest in antique lamps, these arenas can yield wonderful finds!

    Antique lamp fixtures can be oil or electric, plain or ornate, but are almost always of high quality and make a beautiful addition to a room or house. The banker’s lamp, which is normally constructed of a brass post with a green or blue glass shade is one of the most popular antique lamps.

    There are many reproductions available, though it is not difficult to find actual antique models, since they were so popular. Green glass shades are most common in reproduction lamps, but blue shades were quite common in the original form.

    A very popular antique light is the porch lamp, which was originally used not on porches, but in carriages.
    These lamps were usually cast from brass, or wrought iron, or made of wood, and were mounted on the carriage doors or side walls. The sturdy construction of carriage lamps makes them well suited to porch lights. In the event you beloved this post along with you would like to be given more information about Spanish Lighting generously stop by our web page. They are usually seen mounted on either side of a door.

    One of the later (or more modern) antique lamps that are popular today are the antique torchiere lamp, the antique brass floor lamp, and the antique art deco lamp. Torchiere lamps are still sought after because they provide indirect bright light to a room or area without the trouble of installing overhead fixtures.

    Most antique lamps are very ornate and beautiful, though some are more austere and plain.

    Antique brass floor lamps are very popular, since they are so very well made and sturdy. They usually require little in the way of renovation; some polishing of the metal, updated wiring, and a shade may well be are all that is needed to make them fully functional and attractive.

    Art Deco lamps are sought after, not only as fixtures, but because of the intrinsic design value of that period. Art Deco lamps are often made from brass, copper, mica, stained glass, and other aesthetically pleasing materials.

    Antique porcelain lamps cross the gap between oil lamps and electric lamps.
    Some antique porcelain lamps are oil burning lamps. The most recognized of these porcelain lamps are built with a large globe on the bottom and a smaller globe on top. These are usually very decorative, with both globes painted.

    Electric antique porcelain lamps are usually table lamps and are still well known for having intricate painted designs (usually floral).

    Kerosene lamps are very popular, not only for their value as antiques, but also for their beauty and sheer functionality.

    The student lamp is one of the most popular antique oil lamps (from the late 1800’s). These simple and common lamps were very popular as both single and double burner models.
    They were popular because they threw provided good light and very little shadow, which made them ideal for their intended purpose as a reading and study lamp.

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