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    We’ve all heard the ads on the radio, and we all have a favorite TV commercial featuring one of them, but how many of us have actually stopped to think about what it means to hire a personal injury lawyer?
    On the whole, it’s pretty easy to see why you’d make a hire, but given the wide range of what could be called ‘personal injury’, finding a lawyer to handle your exact need may not be as easy as it seems. Don’t forget you also have to contend with opportunistic legal representatives who are just looking for a quick buck.

    There’s an old saying among football players and other professional athletes, and it bears thinking about for a second or two:

    “Are you injured or are you hurt?”

    The idea behind this question is simple: if you’re physically capable of playing, suck it up and get out on the field.
    It’s a direct indictment of a person who knows something is wrong with their body but doesn’t want to be considered ‘soft’ or weak-willed. The same happens when we experience some sort of injury that is not a result of our own actions but by the negligence of another person. We might feel some initial pain, but we rub the spot, tell everyone we’re fine, and move on. The problem is that your injury may not have really materialized until much later, and by that time, you’ve lost your window to do something about it.

    For others, they’ve experienced devastating injuries which have destroyed their quality of life and impacted their role as a provider, parent, and spouse, leaving nothing but pain and medical bills. In either of these cases, the best thing to have done would be to contact a personal injury lawyer.

    If you’ve ever thought about hiring a personal injury lawyer or would like to take a proactive step in being ready just in case, here are a few more surprising facts about person injury lawyers:

    Price ⏤ Fees vary from lawyer to lawyer, but typically the initial consultation is free and no money is exchanged for retaining the lawyer’s services until a case is brought to a conclusion.

    Settled Cases ⏤ Keep in mind that the majority of cases, between 90-95%, involving personal injury are settled out of court.

    Specialization ⏤ Not every personal injury lawyer can handle every case. Find a lawyer who specializes in certain types of law so that you can get their expertise.

    Getting Help ⏤ If you don’t know where to start looking for an attorney, there are some organizations that can help you get started.

    Medical Attention ⏤ You will always be directed to get medical attention as soon as possible. The main reason is to ensure that you’re OK, but the doctor you’re referred to by your attorney is another resource to have on your legal team and can provide testimony if needed.
    Hiring a personal injury lawyer means something has gone terribly wrong for you, and individuals involved in the matter are doing their best to keep from taking responsibility for their actions. Take the time to find an attorney who will work for you and your family.

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